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Skin Treatments

Express Treatment

45 Minutes


This quick 45 minute treatment is great when you're on the go. After a deep cleanse and skin analysis, the skin is renewed and exfoliated before extractions, and then customized with a treatment mask.


Classic Custom Treatment

60 Minutes


This 60 minute treatment is tailored  for every skin type and concern. After a deep cleanse and skin analysis, the skin is renewed and exfoliated before extractions, and then nourished with a treatment mask. This includes a neck and shoulder massage.  


Classic Treatment PLUS

80 Minutes


This is the perfect treatment for when your skin is in need of TLC. Step up the classic custom treatment with a specialty mask, and a relaxing scalp, neck, and shoulder massage.


Rejuvenating LED Treatment with NuFace Microcurrent

90 Minutes


This treatment will leave your skin feeling firm with a beautiful glow! This is a full treatment, with exfoliation, extractions and masks, enhanced with 30 minutes of red LED light. This will help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, brighten the skin, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and help reverse the effects of sun damage. This also includes NuFace Microcurrent which helps to further lift and tone the skin by energizing the facial muscles.  


Revitalizing LED Light Therapy Treatment

90 Minutes


This custom treatment with Red LED is incredible for anti-aging benefits, and helps stimulate collagen and elastin production. It also targets hyperpigmentation, and leaves your skin with a healthy youthful glow.


Acne LED Light Therapy Treatment

90 Minutes


A custom treatment with Blue LED to treat acne prone skin. This will help dry out P.Acne Bacteria, reduce inflammation, and heal breakouts to get you on your way to clearer skin!  


Hydrafacial Express

30 Minutes


This express treatment uses Hydrafacial vortex technology to deep clean the pores, and includes extractions and a light peel to give your skin that sought after healthy glow.


Hydrafacial Custom Treatment

60 Minutes


This treatment uses vortex technology to deep clean the pores, while simultaneously delivering hydration and antioxidants to the skin. Think a steam cleaner for your face! The 60 minute Hydrafacial treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and specialty mask that is customized for optimal results.  

Hydrafacial + LED

90 Minutes


Sep up the classic Hydrafacial treatment with light therapy to further enhance results.

Hydrafacial Luxe with Booster + LED + NuFace Microcurrent

90 Minutes


The ultimate glow getter! An added customized specialty booster is infused with LED and microcurrent to give your skin the best treatment yet!  



Add Ons

PCA Peel


Add on a PCA chemical peel to your treatment. This will be tailored for your skin concern to enhance results.


LED Light Therapy

30 Minutes


Add 30 minutes of red or blue LED light to any treatment.  


Oxygenating Treatment


Add on this PCA Skin trio of products to any facial, to promote a radiant glow by stimulating oxygenation and circulation. This is great for sluggish skin that is environmentally stressed due to pollutants, toxins, and for congested skin. Great for frequent travelers!  


NuFace Microcurrent


Talk about fitness for your face! NuFace Microcurrent technology sends gentle waves through your skin to the muscles to lift and firm. This technology stimulates ATP production in the cells for a renewed sense of energy. This is a great addition to any treatment.




Brow Tint



Lash Tint


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